My pieces are primarily made from old wedding dresses. The point is to reconfigure them into masks and other costumes that women wear to alert women to the “games” we play with our identity and the illusions that are perpetuated by the princess mythology exemplified by the wedding gown attire.

The wedding gown objects are then photographed in action on various models that remain purposely un-retouched to reinforce the real woman versus the role.

An Associate Professor of Art at Mercyhurst University in Erie PA, Jodi Staniunas Hopper is responsible for instruction in the area of Graphic Design foundations, theories, history, and design methodologies utilizing the Adobe Creative Cloud. She graduated Marywood University with an MFA in Design and Advertising in 2004. Her undergraduate degree is from Mercyhurst College in 1989. Jodi has worked as a Graphic Designer for the past 26 years teaching full time since 1998. The mask work Jodi is currently engaged in began in the Spring of 2011. Her design and fine art works have received various awards and been exhibited in regionally including the Butler Museum of Art, Youngstown, Ohio; The Hoyt Center for the Arts, New Castle PA; 3rd on 3rd Gallery in Jamestown, and the Cummings Gallery on Mercyhurst’s Campus. Jodi resides in Erie Pa with Chris, her husband of 17 years, and their dog, Roxy.